Thursday, October 15, 2009

Review: My Son, John

As two-AND-A-HALF-year-old Esmé roars around outside with her Pappa on her 4-wheeler in the post-rain mud puddles (pink ballerina shoes on), I contemplate the book I've just read.

Chilling. It's about another mother, who, just like me, expected the best from her kids. Who took them to church every week. Who would never ever have believed them capable of murder. Especially of their own grandmother - her mother. That's something that happens to other families...

Until her grown son confessed to the crime.


My Son, John is the story of a mother. A mother who loves her family and can't stand to see it broken. A mother who ultimately finds grace for the moment as she makes it through the nightmare of her mother's murder, followed by the arrest of her son, his admittance of guilt, her daughter's rejection of her brother, and her employer's termination of her job.

It's the story of a mother who realizes, through her earthly Alzheimer-afflicted father, that her heavenly Father loves her no matter what. And a mother who can then forgive her own son, no matter what he does.

This is fiction, though it reads amazingly like an autobiography. It includes discussion questions at the end that lead to a greater and shared appreciation of the book.

The Author

Kathi Macias is a popular speaker and an award-winning writer of nearly 30 books. She lives in Homeland, CA, with her husband, Al, where the two of them spend their free time riding their Harley.

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My Review

Once again, I'm drawn to tragedy. The author draws me in to the story as I, along with the mother, can't imagine how her son could possibly be guilty of a horrendous crime. I struggle with the same disbelief and have difficulty comprehending the son's admission of guilt.

And I read through the book in one sitting because I want to find the happy ending. I'm not disappointed. It's bittersweet, but finding God's forgiveness always results in a happy ending, even when in a jail cell. This book is packed with a powerful message that I'd recommend to anyone.

The author doesn't shy away from the difficult issues. The depression and suicidal thoughts. The side effects from thoughts such as "how can I think about my hair while my son's in a jail cell?" The impact on the entire family and the relationship with other relatives. I must admit that the father seems a little saintly - I would have expected a much more serious impact on the marriage as a result of such an event. Perhaps it just hadn't hit yet in the timeline of the book...

As a sideline, I appreciate the way this book highlights the importance of prison ministry and provides resource information for those going through similar situations or wanting to help.

Overall, this is an easy-to-read book with a shocking and moving storyline that moms can definitely relate to.

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