Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday 13 - To Do List

We are experiencing severe system overload here! Among other things, we realize Mozi Esmé is suffocating in book reviews. Never fear; this consultant is aware that the solution to all problems is documentation! And planning! So, we have a to-do list. We LOVE lists!
  1. Reduce sleep in 1/2 hour increments until we are down to 2 hours per night.
  2. Polish our nails a decent color so scratching is less noticeable and we can go longer between applications.
  3. Call in a catering service. And a housecleaning service. And a car detailing service. And a laundry service.
  4. Build a self-sustaining and -maintaining network at work so we can spend our time at work doing online searches instead of firefighting.
  5. Teach Esmé to read so she can do school by herself.
  6. Teach Esmé to type and do photo editing so she can blog by herself.
  7. Invest in a gourmet coffee machine.
  8. Put together a research team to discover a way to get fit without having to exercise.
  9. Take a speed reading course.
  10. Start doing our reviews/giveaways on Winning Readings where possible.
  11. Build up follower/subscriber/view stats at Winning Readings over the next three months so we can become an "established" blog and can switch more reviews over there (a lot of the blog tour/review networks require 6 months of postings before they will accept a blog).
  12. We'll still do reviews relevant to Esmé on this blog, of course. In fact, she's got three right now that she's working on... :)
  13. Give Esmé's blog back to Esmé!

Yep, we are all about manageable, measurable, achievable to-do lists!

(Fashion Friday coming up, but it may be a little late, since my computer has been commandeered for rugby-watching.)

(Our first giveaway is up at Winning Readings.)


Brooke said...

i love a good list! :) have a great weekend.

Kori said...

Oh, so THAT's how to manage the sleep (or lack of) issue. I have been wondering how to cram more time into each day...

Rachel said...

Love it! Good luck with all that!

Esme - revolt and take back your blog!!! ;)

Anonymous said...


Amy said...

What a great list. I know it will all work out. Have a great weekend.

Madeline said...

Good luck! If you figure #1 out do share. ;)

Lisa said...

Great list! I didn't even know you had a book blog; guess I've just so wrapped up keeping up with Esme!