Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday 13 - Gallery

I've been stealing Mommy's camera and working on my photography. Thought I'd show you thirteen of my latest pieces of art in this 25-month-old's online gallery...

#1 - I'm becoming more intentional in what I take photos of - not just clicking on the camera to see the flash... I like seeing the world through the camera lens! Like here I am watching what my toes look like straight...

#2 - ...and when I curl them.
#3 - I wanted a picture of Tweetie - but she's kind of high on top of the fridge. This is what she looks like from my level.

#4 - Speaking of which, did you ever realize how neat and uncluttered the lines of your house look at toddler level? I just love taking photos of straight lines and right angles. Like this one...

#5 - ...and this one.

#6 - Not all things are neat and uncluttered. Here's a fun angle of our computer desk and my wonderful stepladder, with a snippet self-portrait in the upper right corner.

#7 - Speaking of which (my new favorite phrase) - here's another self portrait for you.

#8 - One of the best tips in photography (and any art) is to focus on the things you love. Like my purple dress shoes.

#9 - Speaking of which, if I love my tiny shoes so much, imagine how much Pappa must love his BIG shoes. So I took a photo for him, too.
#10 - Speaking of which, here's Pappa trying to avoid my paparazzi techniques. But he just set me up for a brilliant photo, huh?

#11 - And I use my paparazzi techniques on Mommy, too. But she's a little more cooperative, giving me time to focus on the intricacies of her turtleneck sweater...
#12 - A shot of the walkway by our house.
#13 - And here I am trying to put a bullet through the things I hate - only camera shooting doesn't work the same as gun shooting, unfortunately. Yukky toothbrushing stuff... More Thursday 13 participants can be found here.

Thanks to Samulli for the Thursday 13 header.


AD said...

ahhhhh and now this is creative :D

Happy TT

did two


Kori said...

A budding genius. And in the slef-portrait-is that glitter on your lips, or powdered sugar? See, at my house, with Owen, it could be one of the above, or something far more nefarious.

ShEiLa said...

I love the photos of your feet the most-est!


Madeline said...

Esme, you are quite the talent! I think you might need your own camera soon. :)

Rachel said...

I've really got to start letting Ali play with my camera. Those shots are priceless!!! Great job, Esme!

Anonymous said...

Adorable shots!