Monday, July 14, 2008

How to Make Raisin Pie

  1. Have a 15-month-old child.
  2. Buy a 2 kg bag of expensive raisins, since they’re cheaper in large quantities.
  3. Open the bag and use a few.
  4. Place the opened bag on the bottom shelf of the pantry.
  5. Leave the pantry door open.
  6. Discover 15-month-old in a pile of raisins on floor of pantry, happily eating away.
  7. Cry over spilled raisins.
  8. Pick up raisins off pantry floor, carefully separating them from onion skins also on pantry floor.
  9. Wash raisins.
  10. Look up Raisin Pie recipe on internet.
  11. Place 15-month-old in high chair next to counter and let her spread flour and raisins around on the counter while you follow raisin pie recipe.
  12. Roll out pie crust four times before removing 15-month-old from the scene to avoid further pie crust mishaps.
  13. Bake raisin pie in 220 C oven for 30 minutes. Let cool. Enjoy!
This post was submitted to An Island Life Group Writing Project #1.


KathyLikesPink said...

It looks yummy! (and I am not a fan of raisens!)

Kelsey said...

Too funny! Was it good?

ann said...

Esme's grandma would be proud of her! i guess each of us has our own version of 'spilled raisens'...

Danielle said...

I love raisens and I am sooo hungry right now I want to reach through my screen and eat that pie!

Genny said...

Oh this is so cute!

I once found my kids on the floor of the pantry eating a bag full of chocolate chips. I think raisins are probably better, huh? LOL.

Kerry said...

So, was it good? It sure looks and sounds good!

Always something exciting going on with Esme. :)

Sarah said...

beautiful pie and sounds like you had quite a time making it...

Julie D said...

When life gives you raisins....make a pie! Great philosophy!
Here's my story: