Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I got so much to talk about – sea school, visitors, school dedication, trip to Nelspruit . . . It'll take me forever to catch up on my blog here, especially since the internet only seems to work every other day.

Well, I'll get started, anyway. First, here are some cool pictures from the mommies' group we went to a month ago – me checking out the pink boa, and then playing with Luka, who is the same age as me. His mommy just sent these pictures. She is a Cuban from Miami who recently adopted Luka. I miss going to mommies' group - we haven't been able to go since then what with riots, a car not working, and too much Cinderelly stuff to do.

My new word now is "yukyuk." Mommy says I have a very high yukyuk threshold and is working to get it lower. I like all kinds of things such as dirty diaper buckets, trash cans, shoes in the mouth, doggy licks, bugs, and dirt.

I think she should lay off. After all, I just might be a surgeon, butcher, zoo keeper, garbage man, or gourmet cook someday. I don't want to limit my career choices at this point in my life.

Speaking of yukyuk, we had a 2 foot long brown house snake in our swimming pool Sunday. Daddy decided the neighbors needed it more than we did. Supposedly it's not dangerous to humans, only rats, but I'm kind of little still, so I'll stay away from it.