Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sea School

I just broke a big pottery vase in the foyer. I was trying to use it to balance and pulled it over when I fell. Mommy says she's glad I'm okay. Daddy says it's going to come out of my allowance. I hope he doesn't mean it, because at this rate I'll never get to leave home - I'll be working so hard to pay for everything.

On Friday we had Sea School.

We made paper boats. Finally Mommy learned how to make them after all these years. She thinks it is so cool that she is learning new things.

Then we made a shark puppet from an envelope. I bit it and my slobber made the red marker run, so it looks like it has blood in its mouth. Don't worry – it's not dangerous.

We colored a picture of the sea and put fish stickers on it. All the fish are swimming the same way except one. Guess what that is supposed to symbolize?

We sang "There's a Hole in the Bottom of the Sea." Don't worry – we fixed the hole via a 007-like mission - it's off the coast of Belize. I used my special underwater bubble-blowing techniques to get there.

We read Jonah, Finding Nemo, One Fish Two Fish, and Where's Frog? During the readings, I kept pushing the "ribbit ribbit" button on the Frog book to provide appropriate background noise.

I practiced writing "C's" with Mommy's help, and then we wrote a note to my cousins, the seven C's.