Sunday, February 10, 2008


Just wanted to assure you that even though I'm practicing walking a lot, I still have plenty of time to get into mischief. Mommy says it seems most days my goal is to see how many times I can get Mommy to say "No."

I have inherited a "thoughtful" look from Daddy, where I stick my tongue out and up as I'm contemplating the next bit of mischief I can get into.

Computer Troubles. Here is a picture of me deciding to take the little blue mouse button off Daddy's laptop and put it in my mouth.

Clearing the Tables. I can reach just about any tabletop now when I stand on my tippy toes. I like to clear the tops off and dump everything on the ground.

Plugs. I have figured out how to take the cell phone charger plug out of the wall socket and plug it back in. This morning I was trying to plug the Waterpik (American plug) into the Mozambican wall socket.

Wet Wipes. I took the wet wipes out of the package, one at a time, and spread them over the floor. Mommy and I practiced counting as we put them back: 27.

Cassette Tapes. I grabbed my favorite sleepy-time Dallas Holm cassette tape and pulled the ribbon out a meter or so. Mommy rolled it back up, and I'm happy to report it is working fine. I've repeated this trick a couple of times with other tapes.

Pushing Money Around. I was in my playpen watching Mommy and Ernesto count money for salaries, and managed to reach out to the table and push around the change. When Ernesto moved it away, I typed on the 10-key calculator next to it and watched the paper spit out.

Hiding the Dummy. The other night I was crying in my crib because I wanted my pink dummy instead of the green one Mommy gave me. She looked all over the house and couldn't find it. I eventually fell asleep. When she finally let me out of my crib this morning, I crawled straight to the box of cassettes, pulled my dummy out, and called Mommy over to show her where it had been all along.

Mosquito Repellant. I discovered the mosquito repellent in my diaper bag and decided it made a nice bottle.

Deodorant Ducky. I chucked Mommy's deodorant from the top of the bathroom table into the full bathtub. I was going for her makeup, too, but she stopped me before I could get there.

Remote Controls. I like grabbing the remotes off of tables and dropping them to see if they break. I can turn the air conditioner onto heat and turn up the volume of my music real loud. I put the remotes in my mouth and pull the battery lids off, too.

Chaos. I am really good at creating chaos from order – helping nature along. Just give me a neat stack of clothes, books, crayons, etc., and I will fling them all to the furthest recesses of the room, never to be seen again.

There are lots more stories, but if we wrote them all down, this computer could not contain them all.

To put things into perspective, at least I haven't been burning tires and throwing rocks at cars. The latest statistics on the Maputo riots: 3 dead and 104. Property damages still have not been assessed, but just at one school, the damage was over $1 million.