Thursday, February 7, 2008

Blue Streak

I've been talking a blue streak these days. Unfortunately, Mommy usually can't figure out what I'm saying and tells me to talk something other than Portuguese. So then I revert to my favorite words: "ata" and "iyiyiyiyi." These are like wild cards – they can mean ANYTHING.

I like to sing. I can sing with music or without it. Sometimes I sing while playing the keyboard. I am very good at "making a joyful noise."

I also read a lot of books out loud. Apparently some of them are music books, because I sing when I read them.

I also like talking on the "phone." Sometimes I'll pick up a toy – any toy – and put it by my ear and start jabbering. Sometimes when Daddy isn't here, I'll grab Mommy's cell phone, put it by my ear, and say "dada." And when she puts the speaker phone on and starts dialing, I smile real big and say "dada."

I say "da" a lot – sometimes Mommy thinks it means "dog" or "doll."

I've also started picking up an object and asking "da?" or "dis?" (that? or this?) in a questioning tone, and then wait for someone to tell me what it is. It gets a little confusing, because Mommy answers in English and Daddy answers in Afrikaans. I'll get it figured out one of these days, though.

In other news, there have been no more riots, but there are still no chapas with their jehus on the road. Ms. Cathrine and Mr. Ernesto made it to work today by getting rides with friends. The tally from the protests as we know it is one dead and 63 wounded, along with widespread damage to property and roads. The fare increase has been revoked, so chapa owners are now on strike waiting to see how the government will subsidize increased fuel prices. So goes the drama in Maputo.

Also, in case you didn't notice, I turned 10 months old a couple of days ago. According to Mommy's scale, I'm 25 lbs now, but she doesn't trust her scale very much.