Sunday, February 3, 2008

True Friends

Here are ten characteristics of a true friend – MY version:

10. He not only visits you when you have a highly contagious disease, he helps you blow your nose, too.

9. He lets you play with ALL his toys, including cell phone, laptop, and keys, and he doesn't mind if you taste them.

8. He gives good hugs and kisses and likes toothy kisses best.

7. He rescues you from your crib or high chair.

6. He drops his cookie on the ground where you can get to it.

5. He plays table tennis with you and lets you win.

4. He leaves the bathroom door open so you can eat the toilet paper.

3. He pushes you around on your skateboard, scooter, or surfboard without ever getting bored or tired.

2. He understands your language, even if it is mostly gibberish and body language with some English, Afrikaans, Portuguese, and Tsonga semi-syllables.

1. He watches the unedited 3-hour video of your vacation, WITH INTEREST!

So now comes the friendship test: Mommy just uploaded a bunch of videos of our road trip to Cape Town onto YouTube. If you're really my friend, you'll go watch them all:

And if you're a stressed-out friend with little time, we've inserted one here for you.

This is me learning to drive while we were waiting to bungee jump at the highest (216 meter) jump in the world.

What you don't see is the little boy who was trying to sleep in the car right in front of us.

If the embedded object doesn't work, here is the link: