Monday, February 4, 2008

Lentil Conditioner and Tug-o’-Spoon

Today I helped Mommy cook lunch. She cut open a pumpkin and I helped take out the seeds with my wood spoon. I stirred up some sweet potato and apple peels in my metal bowl and tasted them to see if we needed to add sugar.

Then I helped stir the lentils she was using to make lentil patties. I took the spoon and applied some lentils to my hair, as I understand this makes it grow thicker. We'll see what it looks like tomorrow – I should have a full head of lucent hair by then.

I wanted to get my hands in the patty mix, but since it had raw egg, Mommy gave me some puffed wheat and shredded apples to stir instead.

Though far from Lucullan, it was a successful meal, but my favorite part was the dates for dessert.

I haven't talked about food for a while, so here's an update.

I eat just about everything Mommy and Daddy eat now, except peanut butter, chocolate, and ice cream. It's a good thing I don't know what I'm missing, huh?

I like to feed myself. When Mommy tries to feed me with a spoon, I grab it and pull as hard as I can. Sometimes I win, especially if the spoon is slippery.

Then I try to grab the bowl of food from Mommy too. If I win that, then I put the spoon in my food and stir it around. The other day I ate all my soup by myself, with Mommy helping me get the soup into the spoon and get the spoon into my mouth. I got my bread into my spoon all by myself.

Then when I get tired of eating or want Mommy's attention or want something different to eat, I throw my bowl and my spoon on the floor.

My favorite foods are bread and veggie meat (and cookies, too, of course, though I only get those when I snitch them). I also like apples (with the skin off but still on the core) and grape slices.

Our avocados are now ripe. I don't like avocados as much as mangos, but I do eat a bite or two when Mommy gives me some.

Oh, yeah – I love feeding my baby doll these days. I let her taste whatever I'm eating before I eat it, and also give her sips from my cup. I even share my dummy with her to assuage her cries of "Mama."