Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Yesterday a transport price hike went into effect in Maputo, raising chapa (minibus taxi) fees by 50 percent. Essentially, someone earning minimum wage and needing to take two chapas to work will spend almost all their income just on transport.

Well, today crowds have protested against this hike, bringing traffic to a standstill by blocking highways and smashing cars. Several of Maranatha's vehicles (and workers) were stuck in the city, unable to get back here to Matola. People stood on overpasses, dropping rocks and peeing on traffic.

At least one person was killed when police opened fire on a crowd.

Daddy's shop shut down early so people could work on getting home. Daddy tried to drive some of his workers home since chapas weren't running, but after dodging 10 or so fires in the road, he was threatened with rocks if he wanted to go any further. So the workers had to get out and walk, some many miles, the rest of the way home.

Here at home, it meant that Ms. Cathrine didn't make it to work today. Other than that, things have been very quiet.