Monday, December 3, 2007

Developmental Milestones

I am eight months today! I weigh 21 pounds and am 28 inches. I also get to go through the developmental milestone checklist with Mommy. Well, here's how I'm doin' . . .

  • Teeth. Got five of 'em. One in the front – maybe I WILL get my two front teeth for Christmas after all.
  • Crawl. Yep – done that. Name the time and place, and I'll be there (especially if there are power cords involved).
  • Pull to standing. Yep – I especially like doing this in my crib. One day I'm gonna take a dive.
  • Stand alone. I can do this momentarily.
  • Say Mama and Dada indiscriminately. I can say LOTS of things indiscriminately. Still gotta learn that discrimination thing.
  • Clap hands. I even do this at the appropriate moments.
  • Kiss a boy. Done that – no problems there.
  • Wave in a royal manner. Still working on that.
  • Blow kisses. Still working on that.
  • Do chores and earn my keep. I can dump the laundry basket over when Mommy is putting away clean clothes. I can reformat hard drives, too. Does that count?
  • Play the Moonlight Sonata. Right now I'm more interested in the percussion effects on our keyboard. I am learning about 4/4 time on my African drum.
  • Read the encyclopedia. I jibber jabber sometimes as I'm reading my books. Daddy is convinced I can read, cuz I keep saying "atata" in the car when we pass Tata trucks. I read backwards cuz I'm in a rear-facing seat and see things through my mirror. Daddy says we got to change me to a front-facing seat or I will read EVERYTHING backwards.
  • Swim the English Channel. Still working on this one. I am kicking and flapping my arms in the pool now - practicing with Daddy and Auntie Susan.
  • Get my black belt. I gotta master balancing and walking first so I can do the kicks by myself.
  • Make the Olympic Soccer Team. Working hard on this one.
  • Use the toilet for its intended use. Ha ha – very funny, Mommy.