Sunday, December 2, 2007

First Kiss!

I kissed a boy for the first time today! There – got that milestone out of the way before I turned 8 months old – thank goodness! I was gettin' close to being an old maid.

I'm getting' ahead of myself . . . I woke up yesterday morning looking pretty lethargic and still with a 99 degree (underarm) fever, but it was down from 101.1 the night before, so we decided I could wait it out just as easily in a tent as in my own bed. So off we went to the beach! (And my fever did go away.)

We went to the same place as my first camping trip (Bilene) and even got the same camping spot. It was warmer this time, and the blue water was lovely. I played in it with Daddy and got to ride on my boogie board. I'll have to post a video so all you northern hemispherites can drool.

Campin' with us was Mr. Riaan and his girlfriend, brother, nephew, and another friend Neil. They were here on a volunteering stint and getting some vacation time in. Then my cousins and Auntie Susan & Uncle David joined us later for the day.

Anyway, Mr. Riaan's nephew, Rudolph, is a very nice 10-year-old boy. He helped me walk in the sand, bounce on the inflatable lounge chair, and make fish faces. I pulled him around by the nose a lot, and he didn't even mind.

So when we were at my cousins' house for pizza & ice cream after getting back today, I decided he deserved a couple of kisses. I grabbed him by the face and gave him some big slobbery (with teeth) kisses. He is a very nice boy.

P.S. Rudolph says I shouldn't kiss other men so easily, but I think he doesn't just want to be my first, but also my only guy kissed before I get to be 8 months. Well he is in luck, because tomorrow is my birthday and I will never be 8 months again.