Monday, December 17, 2007

A Day's Work

It is a tough job to go to work every day.

Today I rifled through Mommy's wallet and then chewed on it.

I took her phone list, ate part of it to hide the evidence, and dragged the remainder across the floor to make it look like the dog did it.

I worked on the safe combination trying to open it.

I chewed on the keys to the safe.

I grabbed at the pen Mommy was writing with to make sure she wrote everything correctly.

I entertained her visitors.

I worked on the 10-key calculator making it print funny numbers.

I put my fingerprints all over Mommy's laptop monitor.

I made sure all her computer equipment was plugged in correctly.


I typed the A and Q above. Impressive, huh?

I pulled the money out of Mommy's wallet and counted it. I didn't eat it, though. Mommy says it has lots of germs.

I inspected the trash in the office to make sure we weren't throwing away anything that might be recyclable (or edible).

I provided soft background music for the office.

What would Mommy do without me? She wouldn't get ANYTHING done!