Saturday, December 15, 2007

Another Week in Review

Well, since I haven't written in a while, I got lots to say, so just be patient . . .

For those keeping track of my dental milestones, tooth seven (bottom left) has made its appearance.

I can make click cluck sounds now like a chicken.

I broke my first snow globe. It was a pretty one with glitter and red and green lights.

I discovered toilet paper – not unraveling it, just biting it. So if you see wet spots or holes in the paper, don't panic – it's just my calling card.

I've decided that sleep is not important. You can accomplish so much more in life if you don't sleep. Mommy spends hours trying to get me to sleep for some foolish reason.

It is okay to take a snooze in the high chair between bites (see my photos). However, if your mommy picks you up and takes you to your crib while snoozing, you'd better wake up fast so you can stand up and bang around the crib and scream as soon as she puts you down. Otherwise you will miss out on life.

I am learning to eat spaghetti. Curry is pretty good, too – don't know why Mommy was holding out on that. You just need to make sure you have a cup of juice or water nearby when you eat it. I am still eating mangos every day.

I give Mommy panic attacks. I like to stand. I pull myself to standing and then let go of what I pulled up on so I can play with things. Mommy knows I am going to fall – so she tries to predict which direction and then make sure I don't split my head open. So far I land mostly on my butt.

I like to drum on my Christmas popcorn tin. I discovered it slides on the wood floor, so I started pushing it and walking behind it. I was quite impressed with myself. Then the tin hit carpet and I landed on my butt. Quite upsetting, I must say. I haven't tried it again since then.

Mommy and I went to the Mommy's group again this week. One little girl kept taking away any toy I tried to play with, and then I got knocked over, which wasn't fun. But Christian was there, and he was very nice and gave me toys to play with.

Mommy has someone new working for her. Mr. Ernesto works in the office all day, and he likes to play with me sometimes, especially if Mommy is busy talking to somebody else.

Last Sunday Mommy baked cashew sandies while I kept her company. Then I helped her hand them out to people.

Also last Sunday, we went to my cousins' house for a Christmas party. They have a really cool Christmas tree with lots of things I'd like to play with. I got to eat refried beans and Spanish rice and homemade tortillas and bits of frozen mango, as well as Christmas crackers and their contents (stickers and jokes, and the crowns were the most yummy). I also got a cat and frog that you can twist into different shapes – they are fun to chew on.

Grandma sent me a polar bear and a drawing of me playing futebol. It looks just like me – even down to the orange toes. And Janelle sent me a yummy yellow lemon – very cool since all the lemons in our yard are green. And Auntie Ann sent some sheep and donkeys.

I rode a scooter for the first time this week. Daddy pushed me around, but I tried to help by putting my right foot on the floor to push off.

Power cords are still cool, but now that I can get up to standing, there are lots of more interesting things at eye level, so I find other ways to get into trouble these days.

Now for some Mozambican news headlines: A two-headed baby was born here in Maputo in November. His second head was nonfunctional and came out of his abdomen. And crocodiles have killed 17 people in central Mozambique in the last two weeks.

Hope your countdown to Christmas is going well! Atat Atat, everyone!