Monday, December 17, 2007

Gettin’ Ready for Work

Getting ready for work in the morning is a hard job.

First I tried to get in the shower with Mommy and pulled the shower curtain out and got a puddle of water on the floor.

Then I did my drum routine on the toilet seat. (Thanks to Mommy, the seat WAS down.)

Then I unraveled some toilet paper.

Then I found a book that fell off the bedroom table and sat under the table and read it aloud. Then I ate it.

Then I dumped all the folded clean clothes out of the laundry basket trying to find something to wear. Only Daddy's clothes were in it, though.

Then I ate Mommy's shoes.

Then I untied her laces every time she tried to tie them.

Then I emptied the toybox in my bedroom.

Then I dumped lots of the clean folded clothes out of my suitcase (we don't have shelves or drawers yet) trying to find something to wear.

I STILL have my jammies on.

But Mommy says we have to go eat breakfast now, so atat atat – talk to you later!