Sunday, November 11, 2007

Kissing Time

Mommy just got a newsletter from Baby Center that says I may start kissing soon. Hey - I've been kissin' for months already! Mommy gets the most, cuz I love her and she doesn't have a prickly face. My kisses are big, giant, open-mouth with slobber and teeth kisses - the best kind!

The newsletter also listed five occupations I might be good at - I think they're right on:

  • Dentist — scratching at Mommy's gums with my fingernails is an important part of my training!
  • Professional raspberry blower — not in large demand, but surely somewhere one is required.
  • Night watchman — I'd never fall asleep on the job!
  • Disgruntled prison inmate — I've already got the table banging and bar rattling down pat.
  • Member of a studio audience — though I might occasionally clap at inappropriate moments.