Friday, November 16, 2007

Week in Review

Let's see – what has happened this week?

I could talk about the regularity (or irregularity) of my bowel movements, but Mommy says that would make me sound ancient.

I learned how to play table tennis by myself. You just take the ball and hit the bat with it over and over. (Daddy says you take the bat and hit the ball, but I like my version better.) I personally take taste test breaks from time to time to make it more exciting. The bat tastes better than the ball any day of the week, maybe cuz of the sweat on it.

I chewed an extension cord and lived to tell about it.

Whenever Mommy plays the flute I try to take it away from her and play it myself. I've figured out that my mouth goes on the mouthpiece, but I can't make a noise yet – I just bite it and spit on it.

I rode Daddy's motorcycle. (Don't panic – it was just across the yard.)

Mommy and I had a papaya picnic – we sat on a blanket in the living room, listened to Michael W. Smith, and ate a whole half papaya. It was a little messy, but who cares?

I noticed sunbeams for the first time. They made me smile!

I found out that my cousin Braiden, who is only 1 or 2 months older than me, is getting a baby brother/sister. Bella (14 months older) has a baby brother, and Christian (4 months older) is getting a baby brother/sister. I could use some littler fingers to chew on, too. Somebody might wanna talk to Daddy about this.

My squiggling is getting more and more technically advanced. Soon you'll be able to call it crawling.

I visited my cousins – I got to watch Baby Songs at their house and play toys with them. They fed me a banana, too.

I went to a Thai restaurant with some new Australian friends for supper. We didn't start eating until almost 10 p.m. All I got to eat was rice, but the food sure smelled yummy!

Computers – how I love them! The crisp clean lines, the springy keys, the warm breeze from the fan, the plasticky aroma, the way their cords wave gently in the wind . . . Daddy tries to keep me from touching his computer with my hands, so I am learning to use my feet. I've got the control & alt keys downpat, but haven't figured delete yet. My use of the mouse makes up for any deficiencies, though. I know how to make all kinds of rubbish internet stuff pop up on Daddy's computer and how to turn Mommy's computer off.

I got my hands on Daddy's credit card for the first time. It makes a real cool noise when you bang it on the glass coffee table.

I survived the hottest day of my life – 40 Celsius. I don't want to talk about it.

I stood by MYSELF (not holding on to ANYthing) for several seconds. Then I got a little concerned and bent forward to brace myself against the ground.

Mommy says the easy stage (from when a baby starts sitting up well until he starts moving around easily) IS OVER. Daddy says soon Mommy is gonna think this was the easy stage – it's while she can still run fast enough to catch me when I'm on the move.

I was just thinkin' about hair. Mommy says God knows the number of hairs on my head. Well, I'm growin' more hair every day, Mommy's losin' hair every day, and Daddy's got TONS of hair. Knowin' how much time Mommy spends countin' petty cash to keep track of it, God must be really busy countin' everybody's hair. He must really like bald people – cuz he gets a break when they're up to be counted.

Wow, it's been a pretty busy week, huh?! Even without taking into account my bowel movements . . .

Now if you'll excuse me, I see some extension cords I need to chew . . .