Monday, January 23, 2012

iPhone Apps at Our House

This week’s Blog Cruise is all about educational apps.  Which is a good thing, since Esmé is outgrowing many of the iPhone apps we’ve been using, so I really need some fresh ideas.

For now, here are a few iPhone apps that have occupied the 4yo in our house thus far…

The at-least moderately educational ones:

Bob Books:  If you’re a fan of Bob Books, this is definitely worth the cost with its animation walk through reading levels.  $1.99

Pet The Animals:  Pet the animal and here it purr, pant, etc.  This one is educational if you’re teaching animal sounds to itty bitty ones; otherwise, it can just be a fun one…  Free.

I Hear Ewe:  Another animal sounds game.  Free.

FirstWords: Animals:  A great intro to words and letters and spelling.  There are other FirstWords apps and even a lite version you can try for free.  $1.99

iWriteWords:  A fun handwriting game.  Once again, there is a lite version you can try for free before you buy.  $2.99

Paws & Tales:  This isn’t an app; just a weekly? podcast that is way cool for kiddos to listen to on an iPod.  Free.

Trace:  This one drives me nuts, but Esmé enjoys it.  You draw platforms and navigate through levels, and I always get stuck, but Esmé perseveres.  A good puzzle-type challenge.  Free.

Baby Piano Lite:  A fun intro to music for little ones.  Free.

Speed Bones and Anatomy Lite:  These are more for mom and dad right now – a fun way to refresh our memory on bones and more.  Free.

Just for fun ones:

Talking Tom Cat:  Tom repeats everything you say in a “cat” voice.  So far I haven’t figured out anything educational about this one, but it does occupy Esmé (and drive the rest of us crazy) for hours.  Free.

Blowfish.  Blow up fish as big as you can, keep them from popping, and advance through levels…  Free.

Waterslide Extreme:  Navigate your way down a waterslide in this racing game – a fun way to explore twists and turns with an iPhone.  Esmé’s become a pro at the first couple of levels.  Free.

Line Up 2:  An app with rows of colored squares that need to be strategically clicked off the screen – nice spatial practice for Esmé.

And of course we can’t forget…

Kindle for iPhone:  With all the book freebies out there, this is an absolute necessity.  Check out Pixel of Ink – Young Edition for free Kindle books for kids.  Free.


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