Sunday, January 6, 2013

Mission Sunday: Tower of Babel


I got to coordinate crafts for Esmé’s class (ages 4-9) at church this weekend, and thought we’d share our Tower of Babel activities here…

First, the origami tower:


I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for as an online printable, so made my own origami Tower of Babel printable.  You’re welcome to download it for your own use; I’ve included a few variations in case you are using it with a different memory verse, etc.  Print it on card stock, hand out the scissors, and you’re good to go – you could also extend the activity by coloring the tower.

The second activity was the tower in the clouds.


  • Collect wrapping paper rolls or paper towel rolls
  • Print out a block print (several free options at Jennifer’s Printables) and cut to size if desired
  • Wrap it around the roll and tape/glue it in place
  • Glue cotton balls to represent clouds at the top
  • Glue a paper block with your scripture verse to the bottom.  I used the free block printable at and added our verse to it as shown here:

Pictured is Esmé’s craft –  I ran out of block prints and her blocks were drawn in with a brown marker, and she taped her scripture block midway up the tower instead of at the bottom, but there’s the idea…

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Jennifer said...

Both are those are great ideas. It looks like a fun craft time with the missions lesson. Thanks for linking up!

Lindsey said...

Amazing! Could I link to these from my Growing Kids Ministry blog? Love the ideas!

Robert said...

Thanks for the origami tower craft! I'm using it with my children's group