Tuesday, November 16, 2010

M4–September Part 2

We’re a tad bit behind in blogging – but it’s finally back in the juggling queue, so we’ll try to catch up a little before something else threatens to come crashing down…  (Anyone know what I mean?)


First, Esmé dropped her pony free-fall from the top of the couch to see how quickly it fell to the ground.

Then Daddy and she made a pony parachute (advertising Safeway, of course – we’re still waiting for our check from them).  We had to get a slightly smaller pony in order for the parachute to work, but we got it working all right.  Amazing how much more gentle a parachute landing is than a free-fall.


We harvested lots of onions from our garden – the one thing the deer didn’t demolish.  So we checked out sulfuric acid…

When you cut into the onion cell walls, you release a gas that turns into sulfuric acid in the air.  It stings when it gets into your eyes.

First Esmé peeled some of the onions while holding them under water.  Then she took them out to peel more, and the tears came…

The water dilutes the gas before it escapes into the air.  Another trick is to refrigerate the onion, which slows the movement in the atoms of the gas.


We did a frog lapbook.  You can see more in our Frog unit study review

And Me

We tend to be a little lacking in the sleep department, thinks Mom.  So we read the Sleep section of You and Your Body (It’s Science series by Sally Hewitt).

And learned something interesting about sleeping with the lights on.

And watched some cute video clips:
And colored a page of a girl sleeping.
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Ticia said...

I didn't know that about onions. I knew they made me cry, but I didn't know why.

ShEiLa said...

I love the parachute... and sleep.

But I don't think I could parachute while sleeping.