Monday, September 13, 2010

Review: All Frogs

You know that Giraffe Copywork review we just did?  Change the topic to Frogs, make it a full unit study complete with lapbook components, and you’ve made an excellent product even better!  Thanks, Homeschool Bits!

Let’s get some photos of that froggy lapbook up here…

First, here’s the cover page, created by Dolphin, a  playdough character whose name apparently is “FSEME.”

On the inside, we’ve got a pocket with our fact cards (like how the skin of one golden dart frog could kill up to 1,000 people).  Flaps with photos of different kinds of frogs, their names under the flaps (Esmé’s favorite is the bull frog).  A frog life cycle.  Some frog pictures cut and glued by Esmé herself.  (See creator little playdough dolphin keeping watch there on the right?)

And pictures of a frog and a toad, with Esmé’s designation written inside.  She’s toadally got them figured out now!

On the back cover, we’ve got a review of frog parts, plus the fable of the Frog and the Ox.  (We’re still working through the moral of that story… :)

imageThe price for this All Frogs unit study download (suggested for grades K-5)?  $1.00 at CurrClick!  Seriously. 

It’s worth it just for the lapbook materials.  I didn’t even mention all the other stuff – 65 pages in all:
  • An 8-page overview of frogs, with photos.
  • A quiz (two levels provided) on the material.
  • Coloring pages – both fun and instructive.
  • Word searches and mazes (two levels of each provided)
  • Copywork – both cursive and block print options provided; fill-in-the-blank, tracing, or ruled lines depending on the child’s level.
  • A page of website links with more frog facts, videos, and craft ideas.
  • Frog jokes!
Another winner from Homeschool Bits.  I’m giving this product a 5/5 (Excellent) due to its affordable price, wide coverage of different student levels, and the vast array of “stuff” provided.  Thanks to Heart of the Matter for this review opportunity.


ShEiLa said...

frogs and toads are some of my favorite fun things to watch. I think my favorite ones are the green with red eyes... love them.


Genny said...

That looks great, and for only one dollar?! How awesome.

I love how she is writing all by herself. How cute. :)

Hope you are doing well!