Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday Fragment: What Esmé Needs

Originally posted July 23, 2008

    Here’s how it works – Google your name followed with a verb like “needs." Copy the first few results and add your own commentary.
    So here are our Thursday Thirteen for this 15-month-old bebe:

    1. Esmé needs to go date about 3 different guys and have the time of her life. Okay – I can do this, but I’m not sure Mommy and Daddy would approve until I’m a little older, say 16 months?
    2. Esmé needs her story now. Did you know there was a song by Jawbreaker about me? Neither did I! It’s not exactly kiddie music, though, so I’m not linking.
    3. Esmé needs love. Definitely! I’ve got plenty of it, thank goodness.
    4. Esmé needs to address her bank accounts. And which ones might those be? I got a piggy bank full of change – maybe I should bank it?

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