Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Fragment: Lion Sleeps Tonight

Originally posted June 21, 2008

I’ve been busy today!

I started by pulling out all my onesies out of my suitcase and trying to dress my monkeys in them. I convinced Mommy to help me. Then I had her play the Lullaby mobile so they would go to sleep like good monkeys.

Then we did art with tempera paints. This was my second time – and I was so good the first time that I lulled Mommy into complacency. So this time I got to paint my fingers and toes and mouth and pants and table and walls and floors, plus I rubbed my eyes a lot after I painted my fingers. But we got some cool paintings on paper, too.

While Mommy was making lunch, I got into the fridge and took bites out of apples and put the apples back in the fridge. I also put some plastic dishes in (they’re better chilled) and some dental floss.

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