Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday Fragment: Of Bananas and Men

Original posted February 15, 2008

Today for breakfast, I quite clearly let Mommy know I didn't want whole bananas, sliced bananas, chopped bananas, or mashed bananas. So she had the "bright" idea to mix the mashed bananas into my oatmeal. Ruined a perfectly good cup of oatmeal, so I didn't get much for breakfast.

Mommy here: Anyone have ideas for getting a toddler to eat from more than the legume and grain groups (veggie meat falling into those categories)? What was good yesterday – mangos, grapes, avocados, cooked green beans, etc. – falls out of favor today, so I'm wondering how to get all those vits and mins in the diet and avoid the obesity epidemic . . .

My baby doll doesn't work right anymore – she doesn't say "mamma" and cry. Either her battery is dead or I broke her when I chucked her out of the crib. Daddy says it's coming out of my allowance either way.

Mommy caught me helping unpack her suitcase this morning and took a photo.

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