Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Back to School

Last year, when Esmé was a sweet, compliant 5yo and I wanted a back-to-school photo, we just went into the backyard and snapped a couple, and I got this.  Easy peasy.  And I loved it…[First%2520Day%255B13%255D.jpg]

This year – my, how much difference a year makes!

For starters, the ink ran out while I was printing out the fabulous “I am a … grader” printables.

And then, there were no apples on our trees this year.  Not a one.  Something about bees, I guess?

And then… and then… – I have this monkey to deal with!

Seeing her initial reluctance, Flame decided to help start things out with a pose for us…P1100064

And then I got shot after shot of outtakes.  Dozens…  Here’s just a sample:2nd Grade

I thought maybe if we switched it up to 3rd grade, Miss Esmé’s level of maturity would go up.  Not so…3rd Grade

Maybe a change of locations to the pear tree?  Not.  Simply a distraction…3rd Grade Pears

I give up.  This is the best I got for you, shadows and all…Final 3rd Grade


ann said...

So glad you are full of life Esmé! I pray your 3rd grade teacher has lots of fun learning ideas up her sleeve!

Sarah H. said...

Your daughter is so cute! And, I love the one with the cat, lol.

My daughter started preschool the end of August. She is having a fun time so far.

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