Sunday, September 1, 2013

Mission Sunday: Naaman

FINALLY!  We got to do a regular old craft about Naaman!  It’s a picture of the River Jordan, with a slot in it for you to “dip sick Naaman” in 7 times.  On the 7th time, you flip Naaman around, and the healed Naaman comes back out.

A simple visual that the kids can take home with them and use to tell Naaman’s story to others.

Rather than give you how-tos, let me just point you to the original Naaman Craft Project, with free printables and instructions all included

Here is the craft we did – my demo on top and Esmé’s craft on the bottom.


A couple of comments or variations to the instructions:

  • Cutting the Naamans took a *lot* of time.  Our kids are young enough (4-6yo) that I had to do it ahead of time.  The kids also mostly needed assistance with gluing the Naamans together, and some even managed to glue the reeds over the slit so Naaman couldn’t dip through it.
  • I put out brown/green/murky-colored markers so the kids could make the river look dirty.  Esmé really took that to heart, as you can see.
  • We used glue sticks for this project (less mess), but they did not work for the craft stick, so I left that out.  The project seemed just fine without it; Naaman (with two sheets of cardstock to him) was pretty sturdy.

This craft didn’t take very long, so I set some construction paper and materials out for the kids to make spots (like leprosy spots) while we talked a little bit about leprosy:

  • Do-a-Dot markers (We’ve had these for several years, kids love them, and they last forever.  Knock-off brands don’t work nearly as well.)
  • Shaving cream in little cups (and big towels for cleanup!)

You could also use Q-tips and paint, or Q-tips and baby powder.


In other exciting news:  Mission India is back with a Lost in India Adventure!  A couple of years ago, we tagged along with Chris as he visited Bible clubs and more in My Passport to India, watching a little video clip each week, and Esmé raised a little over $50 to support the Bible clubs.  So we’re excited to join Chris on his next adventure!  To join Lost in India, sign up by September 20th to get your Adventure Kit.  The journey begins October 8, 2013, and lasts for eight weeks.

Today I thought I’d share Petra’s song Love with you.  I played it for little Miss on Friday, and she immediately staked out her dad to have a little conversation.  “Love makes no demands!” she told him.  “So you obviously don’t love me!”

Regardless of the internal drama, it’s still a sweet song to remind us of God’s awesome love.

Have a great week!