Thursday, January 10, 2013



We are at Wildlife Safari, a close encounter with their gorgeous 9mo cheetah ambassadors.  Someone asks what cheetahs eat. 

“Meat. What do you call animals that eat only meat?” asks the trainer.

“Carnivores!” comes the answer from a 9yo.

“That’s right!” says the trainer.

5yo Esmé raises her hand.  “They’re obligate carnivores,” she says.

“Wow!  A big word for a little girl!” the trainer exclaims.  “Yes, they’re obligate carnivores!”

Esmé raises her hand again.

“Yes?” asks the trainer.

Out of her pocket, she pulls out a plastic happy-meal toy she got from a co-worker of mine earlier that day.  “Wanna see my pink Easter bunny?” she asks the trainer in front of the captive audience.  “It’s just about to hatch!”


Anonymous said...

LOL that is hilarious!! Sounds like something Sammy would do!