Sunday, December 30, 2012

Mission Sunday: A New Year for Kindness


A study now suggests that “children who make an effort to perform acts of kindness are happier and experience greater acceptance from their peers.”  It’s about time we had some evidence for this!

Seriously, read it for yourself:

So, Little Miss has been having some behavior issues lately (like that is new?), and I’ve decided we’re going to make acts of kindness a new year’s goal for her.  My first thought is to pull out all the ideas I’ve gotten from, make a paper chain out of 52 of them, and have her pull off one link a week to do.

However, knowing her resistance to things that are not her own idea, and really wanting this to be a matter of the heart instead of another assignment, I’m going to pull her into the planning session instead.

So we’ll be back here on another Sunday with the outcome of that planning session…

In the meantime, tell me!  What acts of kindness have you done with your little ones?  Small, big, doesn’t matter – what has been most meaningful?  We’re looking for more ideas!

Wishing you and yours a blessedly fantastic beginning to your year!


Anonymous said...

What a great way to work on some heart issues. I would love for us to do some more of these types of things next year. We have gone through our toys and given them away.. we have gone through our clothes and then given them to a friend's younger brother.. but that is the best we have done so far. I have heard of people handing out carnations at places like target or the drug store.

Julieanne said...

We've baked cookies for friends; we've prepared meals for those we know who are going through rough times or have just had a baby or have gone through a death in the family. We invite people over a lot to socialize, because it helps others feel loved when they are invited to others' homes. :) We make cards and send those to friends and family.

When we are in groups and at large gatherings, I always encourage my girls to smile at everyone and to try their best to help those they don't know to feel welcomed and invited to join in conversations. :)