Tuesday, August 7, 2012

In His Hands: United States

Next stop:  United States!

United States

OK – so this isn’t technically a trip for us.  We live here.  But it technically is the most challenging country to condense in a short trip, because there are a zillion activities we could be doing.

Music.  For this one, we read a couple of books that inspired some YouTube searches.

  • This Land is Your Land by Woody Guthrie
  • America the Beautiful by Katharine Lee Bates

Flag.  Three years ago, we made a fun July 4th lapbook and my favorite US flag craft:


I didn’t want to replicate the same design, so I gave Esmé a simple US dot art flag printable to work on…


Which she quickly made into her own design:


Food.  What’s more American than hot dogs?!  With a side of baked beans and potato salad?

Hot Dog

Since Esmé said she’d boycott the apple pie, we went with pumpkin instead.  After all, Thanksgiving is a totally American holiday…

Craft.  There were a zillion ideas that crossed my mind, but I decided none was as American as this, the bald eagle…

To start with, we gathered supplies: two brown lunch bags, a piece of white construction paper, a pencil, a yellow and a brown marker, scissors and tape (or glue).


I cut eagle wings from one of the brown bags and tail feathers from the white paper.  Esmé was responsible for the eagle head – using white paper, coloring the yellow beak, and texturizing by cutting a small fringe around it.  I think she did a fabulous job!


Once it was all glued together (we taped the tail feathers so they could go in either direction), Esmé created “texture” with a brown marker all over the front of the eagle and its wings.


And here it is, ready for flight!


And that concludes our U.S. expedition!  I think we’re heading across the ocean next – but which one?!

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“Carrying the cross was too hard for Jesus.  But He can carry the world in His hands.  That means the cross is much bigger than the world!” ~Esmé, age 4