Saturday, May 26, 2012

Nature Journaling #5: Recipe Cards


Summer is just beginning – and there are many many more nature journaling ideas to explore at our house yard. 

I figured I would end this series off with something fun – a recipe card entry.

See, my 5yo is constantly making flower petal salads, and grass salads, and all other sorts of salads for us to “eat.”  I figured we’d convert some of these natural recipes into official “recipes” for her journal…

Presenting:  Salad La Rose

Nature Recipes2


And another favorite:  Dirt Dessert

Nature Recipes

Just in case you’re thinking all my references to grass in these nature journal posts have been exaggerated or overstated, let me leave you with this visual from yesterday.


We are surrounded on all sides.  Almost 2 acres of grass.  And Esmé is sitting in the mowed section – the back half hasn’t been touched in months.

Gotta get to the mowing!  Catch you later!


Links to recipe card printables:  Lorax; little baker