Friday, May 18, 2012

Nature Journaling #3: Leaf Rubbings


There are a LOT of things you can do with leaves.  Draw them.  Photograph them.  Dry them out and tape them into your journal.  Do symmetry leaf drawings (tape half a leaf onto your paper and draw the other half).  Graph the weight of a stack of leaves every day or so as they dry out.  Make leaf prints or stencils using paint.  Get yourself a decent field guide (note to self) and classify the different kinds.

In my quest for appropriate and EASY nature journaling activities for 5-year-olds, I decided to start with leaf rubbings.

Perhaps not so intelligently, I decided to start with soft pastels, which can be a bit messy (think chalk).  Crayons or oil pastels would probably be cleaner.

The assignment was simple.  No identification (I really need to get that field guide) – just a hunt for different textures and shapes of leaves that would be fun for rubbing.

Leaf Rubbing1

Surprisingly – Esmé’s favorite subject was grass.

Leaf Rubbing2

Though we did find a few other interesting shapes.  And practiced a little color mixing.

Leaf Rubbings3

All in all, an easy, fun (and messy) way to fill a bunch of journal pages.

As I was saying the other day – I REALLY need to get Flame the Cat his own journal.  He did manage to get himself covered in green pastel dust – camouflage purposes, methinks?

Cat Rubbing