Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Review: Amazing Science!

I am an improviser.

I love kiddie crafts!  Sometimes my improvisation looks better than the original, KWIM?

I do okay in the kitchen.  At least my improvisations are generally edible.

I am LOUSY at science.  It’s not that I blow things up – rather, NOTHING seems to happen.

Oh wait!  This is a new review!  I can’t just copy the intro from another one!

But – thanks to this new review product, I’ve had the pleasure of learning that alcohol-based mouthwash does NOT have the same effect as rubbing alcohol

I’ve also tried hard to teach my daughter that it IS OK to substitute Palmolive dish soap for Dawn dish soap.  But she still requested Dawn for her birthday…  I don’t think she inherited my improvisation skills.

OK – let’s start the intro again.

The Amazing Science! DVD set is the latest and greatest feature family film, meant to entertain the whole family for hours.  At least that’s what my 5yo (and her daddy) think of it.

The Amazing Science! DVD set is the easiest, most painless way imaginable to get quality science into our curriculum.  That’s MY opinion.

Amazing Science! – Volume 1 is a demonstration of 23 science experiments, mostly with common items either found in the home or easy to pick up at a hardware store, etc.  It is designed so students can easily replicate the experiment at home.  The instructor also describes the science behind each experiment.


Learn fundamental principles of science through Amazing Science Experiments! You'll learn about electricity, magnetism, heat, temperature, pressure, surface tension, buoyancy, and much more.

For every demonstration, a complete materials list is given, and each experiment features multiple camera views so you can see exactly what happens. Most importantly, every concept is explained in a step-by-step fashion. You'll not only be amazed - you'll understand the science behind every experiment!

Recommended Age:  Any… 
Price:  $19.95 for DVD (or download it for $17.99) 
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For More Reviews: TOS Crew

What Mom Liked:

  • Science plain and simple. There are no distractions.  The cinematography is clean and focused on the experiment.  The instructor is straight-forward and matter-of-fact, while portraying enough enthusiasm to instill it in my own child. 
  • My kid liked it.  That’s always a good litmus test for us.  She could watch experiments one after another for hours.  And when you can hear her describing how to do an experiment in detailed steps, you know she’s paying attention.
  • My kid can do her own experiments. Since she’s not reading much yet, usually science experiments are done with me telling her what to do, step by step.  After watching an experiment on DVD, SHE can tell me what needs to be done, step by step.  And even describe the science behind it.  Here she is doing the colored-milk experiment, using Palmolive dish soap, I might add, much to her chagrin.
  • Colored Milk
  • Mom can do the experiments.  After many science failures in my life, even I can follow the steps to the majority of these experiments.  They are that-well explained – you even know which materials are absolutely vital and why, making improvisation a bit easier.  And sometimes improvisation can be fun, like experimenting with different liquids in your density tower.
  • Just in case you don’t like to improvise and want to have the precise materials on hand ahead of time, my fellow crew member, Ami, posted a nice supply list to go along with the Amazing Science Vol 1 DVD.
  • Practical and impressive.  Did you ever wonder how to open a soda can that has been shaken?  You’ll find out how AND why!  The experiments are done with easy-to-find materials and make for some pretty impressive demonstrations of things like how to make motors, how to make a battery with a lemon, and much more.  Perfect for a 5yo who likes to “teach” the rest of the world.
  • Easy.  Did I mention that the materials are fairly easy to find?  And if you absolutely are unable to pull them all together, your child will still learn a tremendous amount just from watching the experiment being done on the DVD.  This is hands-on science that doesn’t require a lot of prep time by mom – yeah!
  • For the whole family.  In our family, it keeps the attention of the 5yo AND the 40-something dad – so I figure it’ll engage pretty much any school-aged kid.

In case I haven’t made myself abundantly clear, we LOVE this!  If you’ve already got a top-notch curriculum, you can easily fit this in.  If you are science-challenged and want an easy-to-teach curriculum for the year, this is it.  Buy it!  Your kid will thank you. 

Homeschooling Rule #403:  Just invest in the rubbing alcohol already.  (But any dish detergent will do.)

Disclaimer:  Thanks to
for providing this DVD set in exchange for an unbiased review, and to TOS Crew for coordinating the review.  All opinions are our own.



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