Saturday, February 25, 2012

A is for Alligator Lizard

Esmé hasn’t been able to find any snakes these winter months, and Flame the cat was a little despondent that the bird houses were empty…Lizard4

…so they were pleasantly surprised to make a discovery in front of the schoolhouse yesterday.Lizard
Presenting… Mr. Alligator Lizard!Lizard2Lizard3Lizard9

Kinda cool, huh?  He seemed pretty lethargic just warmin’ up in the sun, not stressin’ at all about the attention he was gettin'.  But scrooge Mom wouldn’t let Little Miss pick him up, since they are rumored to have nasty bites.  Plus they will drop their tail - it appears ours has already done this at least once.  We’re tryin’ to figure out if he is Northern or Southern, boy or girl, but not positive on either of those.

If only we had a terrarium, I think we would’ve just have gotten ourselves a pet.  Maybe we’ll see him coming to our schoolhouse another day to be edified.

Until then, we’ll just run and play in the sunshine…Lizard5

gatherin’ flowers…

…makin’ fabulous fairy salads…Lizard8

…and keepin’ too cool.Lizard7

You’d almost think spring is on the way from yesterday’s photos, wouldn’t ya?  There was snow covering the ground this morning!  Fooled ya!

Now, I wonder what we shall discover for “B” week?


Marcy Crabtree said...

that is about the coolest, most beautiful thing ever!

and the lizard was pretty cool, too.

thanks for linking up!

tikvah73 said...

What a sweetheart!