Monday, December 19, 2011

Review: Vintage Remedies for Kids

PhotobucketDid you notice we were missing?  The little Miss and I have been out for the count – with all manner of cold and flu and bronchitis and such.  Perhaps we needed to discover this product a little sooner?  :)  Or at least skipped ahead to the “When I Get Sick” chapter…

Seriously, food has been a topic of struggle in our house ever since four-month-old Esmé was BEGGING for solids while I stoically ascribed to conventional wisdom of starting them at six months.  She won the battle when her teeth came in early.  Today, I’ve got a carb-loving kiddo who is way too picky for my taste – I mean, what kind of kid doesn’t even like fruit?  This book is just perfect for our household!


Based on the popular Vintage Remedies for Girls and Guys curriculum, this edition is perfect for younger siblings! Vintage Remedies for Kids helps parents teach  healthy and natural living to boys and girls ages 2-6. This new workbook is packed with projects covering every aspect of natural living including wellness, nutrition, immunity, natural body care, and the conservative use of valuable natural resources - in terms they will understand and remember!

This curriculum helps you teach little ones how to choose healthy foods, how to prepare some fun and delicious snacks, how to establish prevention based habits, and how they can participate in your family's natural lifestyle. The workbook is flexible and can be used for playgroups or as a fun family project. Children at this age learn best with active lessons, so this isn't a sit and read style picture book! It's a guide for parents that is packed with hands on activities that are perfect for little hands, but fun for all ages. Each of the 18 chapters includes a brief age appropriate lesson on the topic that parents can use to discuss with little ones while they are preparing for the projects, a featured project to teaches the lesson, additional instructions for parents to include these lessons in the family's lifestyle, and a selection of additional projects on the topic for additional fun. The book also contains sample schedules for preschoolers and convenient shopping lists for each project, complete with a resource guide and tips for parents and leaders.

    Recommended Age:  Ages 2-6; books also available for ages 7-13 
    Price:  $25.00
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    What Mom Liked:
    • The subject. It lends some authority and easy logic to the “eat your vegetables” commands when you can talk about the nutrients involved and why they are good for you.  Or to the “wash your hands” commands after you’ve discussed different types of microbes.
    • The read-to-me section.  This isn’t a picture book.  I was a little concerned about how a kid Esmé’s age would take to the simple reading in each chapter, but an interactive approach – reading with dialogue – suits her fine.  If you do have a wiggle worm, you could easily fit the reading in during meals or bathtimes.  
    • The age range.  I haven’t seen many health curriculum options targeting preschoolers.  This is easily adaptable for the whole age range; in our case, I expanded on some of the readings in terms of vocabulary, etc.  It is easy for kids to relate to the examples given; e.g. ladybugs and fireflies as an intro to the chapter on “bugs.”
    • The hands-on approach.  Each chapter has some practical projects.  Esmé isn’t one who is more likely to eat something if she makes it, but the rest of us have benefitted from her cooking endeavors!  I figure the more exposure she has to REAL food, even if it’s just the making, the more likely she’ll come to her senses some day?P1050529 (2)
    • Suitable for vegetarians.  The emphasis is very much on a plant-based diet; non-dairy alternatives were given in many cases.
    • Holistic approach.  This is much more than a nutrition book – it encompasses a whole lifestyle and deals with cleanliness, herbs, natural remedies, stewardship of our world, and more.
    Another highly recommended product being used in our household – it’s educating both Mom and daughter! 

    Thanks to Vintage Remedies for providing a book for review, and to TOS Crew for coordinating the review.  We are not being paid for this review, and all opinions are our own.


    Over Yonder said...

    Nice review! This product is one that I would like to get for my kids. (the older version)