Monday, November 14, 2011

Spiders and Caterpillars and Such

From the looks of this Woolly Bear caterpillar, are we in for a long, cold winter?

P1050294 (2)

I never could quite figure that stuff out…

P1050292 (2)

And Esmé’s delight in spiders seems to have nosedived following the discovery of a hobo spider in the bathtub.  Those things can be nasty, it seems – though not quite as bad as the brown recluse.


(I made my first contribution to Wikipedia by noting that the hobo spider has been found as far south as Roseburg.  Who knew it was so easy to update?  I think I shall no longer use Wikipedia as irrefutable proof of anything.)

Our lives are now forever changed – we are constantly having to check the sheets and brush off all clothing and towels before use.  Ugh…

On the bright side, Esmé’s medical curiosity has been piqued.  Her “favoritist” photos of all are of necrosis caused by spider bites.  Totally fascinating.


Michael said...

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