Monday, November 7, 2011

Magic Marker Monday with Poetry

Esmé recently embarked on an Artistic Pursuits curriculum (more on that later), and I thought I’d share her first three assignments with you on this fine Monday.

I must say this has been the learning experience for Mom.  Who knew there was such a thing as an ebony pencil?  And that paint brushes come in numbers, with different tips and specialized for different types of paint?  I’m pure tempera paint and sponges all the way!

Anyways, assignment #1, with an ebony pencil, is supposed to be a scene in everyday life.  Esmé pinned it with a buck eating grapes – a regular occurrence in our yard over the past few weeks.  I think this one is my favorite – I just love the little white tail stripe.  And the spider web in the vine.

Second assignment – a watercolor exercise in imagination.  This puffy-headed Chihuahua grows on one, I think.  I think the imaginary part is that Esmé will ever own one of these while living in our household.

And third assignment – another ebony pencil one, this time on an object from nature.  Esmé chose to draw "the beautifulest flower," a daffodil, complete with roots, set against a mountainous backdrop.  She was rather annoyed that I suggest she stick with the ebony pencil rather than add yellow, so you’ll see a bit of attitude (in the form of rain) in this one.  I told her to go ahead with the yellow if she wanted, but she refused to “break the rule.”
P1050224 (2)

And now, for poetry!  Week Five in our poetry series was Poetry Crafts and Games.  We decided to play Five Senses: picking an object and describing it using all the senses.  Esmé picked the butterfly, and here is what she came up with:
The Butterfly
Backward B, forward B, brilliant blue B
Sounds like nothing
Smells like nothing
Tastes like nothing (EWWW!)
Velvet wings and ticklish feet.

And of course, her illustration to accompany the poem:
P1050192 (2) 

It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.”
~Pablo Picasso

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Jennifer said...

The deer picture has me wondering if you get to enjoy any of the grapes. I'm impressed with your daughter's art and agree it is "the beautifulest." Thanks so much for linking up!

SoCo mom said...

These were great! The birds ate our grapes but the spider webs remained until the first really good rain.

I love her poem -- creates a picture before you see her beautiful blue drawing.

Childlife said...

Esmé never fails to make me smile -- both with her creativity and her spunk! I just love her defiant little gray raindrops with her ebony pencil -- we've had many a similar art lesson :D

She has such an eye for detail with her animal markings and plant roots and all! Oh, and her poem is just delightful!

Michelle @ 5MFSN