Friday, September 30, 2011

Fashion Friday: Girl’s Curls


It feels like eons since we last did a Fashion Friday in this house.  I’ve been wondering why. 

Maybe Esmé’s tastes have become more normalized?

Maybe I’m starting to view pink flowery pants, orange striped shirt, and red Barbie hoodies as acceptable clothing combinations?

Regardless, it’s time to highlight a very important look of Esmé’s.  It can last all of 5 minutes if we’re careful, but it is one she is oh-so-proud of.


P1040689 (2)P1040694 (2)

Do you have any tricks for keeping curls in super-fine straight kiddie hair?

Looking through my Fashion Friday folder, I’m traveling down memory lane!  Here are a few shots that never made it to blog press before…

Dressed for an excursion into the backyard jungle – you can never be too prepared!P1020522 (2)

A rose is always a perfect accessory, especially if you snuck into Mom’s lipstick…


Plus, when you pair your swimming suit with your Sleeping Beauty dress-up gown, you gotta make up your face as well.  Markers always do in a pinch.


Just a lil’ old shopping trip brings to light the most awesomest glasses!  Yes?  Please?


That’s the end of the fashion show for today, folks!  Have a lovely, fashionable weekend!


ShEiLa said...

I love her curls... no suggestions on making them stay though... I am having that problem myself. I even considered a perm. I asked my sister and she said; DO THEY STILL DO THOSE THINGS? I almost laughed out loud.


Annette W. said...

Cute curls! M's hair is long...and there is lots of it, but it is fine.

We do the "curly do" but it doesn't last. You do it after bath at night...and then in the morning it's really curly on M. By afternoon, loose curls. By the next day, it looks pretty much normal. You can go to see how we do it. I don't use gel, mousse, or spray to make it last longer...though I'm sure that would help.

lfhpueblo said...

I myself have and always have had, super fine hair. The only thing that has worked for me is putting in just the smallest amount of mousse, about a dime size when my hair is wet after being washed. Make sure to take at least three minutes working all the hair around and from the roots to the ends to get it worked in. If you use much more mousse than that on fine hair, your hair may end up looking a bit greasy and go a bit limp instead of the effect you need.
Then scrunch the hair a bit and let it dry and then curl it with a curling iron, or use a heat blowing curling brush to curl and style the hair.
Then lightly mist the hair with a light hair spray, but make sure to cover eyes and nose on a child before spraying. It helps to have them hold a wash cloth over their face.
That's the only way I can get my curls to last maybe five hours.
Good Luck.