Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day!

I’ve been leisurely, albeit guiltily, perusing other 4th posts today and wishing I could somehow come up with something inspiring, something profound – to blog about.

It’s just not in me these days, though.  I struggle to make it through the day, trying to concentrate on just the next step – just one more movement rather than collapse.  Energy is nowhere to be found, though I’ve looked everywhere in the fog.  Life keeps spinning faster and faster, and I’m not sure how to hang on.

I can’t pinpoint exactly what the issue is.  I just know I’m tired.

Anyway – babysteps here.  I may not have anything profound to say, but I miss blogging, so I’m making a comeback effort.  You may have to deal with photo posts for a while until I come up with words…

Did anyone else’s red-white-blue art projects turn into a murky grape-juice-type affair?
P1040223 (2)

I finally happened upon my red yarn, and as we are still going through our Raggedy Ann and Andy chapter books, they made their appearance yesterday.  Perhaps a little more patriotic-looking than the grape juice?  Esmé decided Ann needed a button chin and an owie on her face, if you were wondering…
P1040224 (2)

Alrighty – here’s an appropriate photo for the holiday.  Any guesses where we’ve been since I blogged last?  I always seem to end up with tons of these photos thanks to the nice long border wait… :)  As you can see, we had an absolutely gorgeous drive that day.
P1040218 (2)

I AM blessed.  We ARE blessed.  A very happy Independence celebration to you all!


Annette W. said...

I hope that your efforts pay off and you will be sharing more soon.

Loved the Raggedy Anns. Very cute.

Beautiful photos of your journey into Canada. (where?)

ShEiLa said...

How appropriate for the photo of the two flags with Canada day on the 1st of July... and July 4th yesterday.

I love the Raggedy paper plates... too cute.


The Buckner Family said...

Hi! Visiting from the crew! I'm not a new follower of your blog. :)

I was tooo lazy to do a 4th of July craft this year. I guess it was just too hot. I was doing good to stay up late enough to do sparklers in our front yard. My poor kiddos... lol!

The Buckner Family said...

Now! not not! duh! I'm NOW a new! Sorry!

kailani said...

Love the Raggedy Ann & Andy project. They turned out great!

Our Country Road said...

What cute Raggedy Ann & Andy! Sorry about the purple patriotic project-think of it as a color mixing lesson :).