Friday, June 3, 2011

Happy Old Maid’s Day!

June 4th is Old Maid’s Day, did ya know?  Time to live it up, ladies!

When I explained the “old maid” phrase to Esmé, she immediately began crafting plans to get all old maids married off.  I nipped it in the bud by pulling out the Old Maid card game I had found at the Dollar Tree.

I’ve actually never played Old Maid before, so this was a learning experience for me, too.  You can play with a regular set of cards – just taking out one of the queens, or there are a number of printable card sets available online.  I found a myriad of rules – and we tried several – but the gist of it is to match cards, with one card not having a match. 

The Fisher Price Old Maid set we got was a fun animal set, with the skunk playing the part of the old maid.  Perfect for preschoolers – though Esmé decided to play one round without the skunk card because she hated for anyone to lose.
P1030881 (2)

The origin of this holiday is a little vague, though there is some evidence suggesting it started after World War II – when many women had put their romantic lives on hold and then found a lack of suitable marriage candidates.  And celebration activities are very much open to interpretation.  We may still make Old Maid pie – a conglomeration of leftovers.  Or not.