Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Whirring and Whizzing

P1030445 (2)
I confess – I’m not doing so well on the stillness thing… 

It feels more like my brain is a blender with thoughts whirring and life whizzing around me.  Definitely not in my comfort zone – I like my ingredients all separate on my plate, thank you very much – or even better, in separate bowls.  And some of these life ingredients seem really strange to me.  But I do trust God has a good recipe up his sleeve.

Anyway – while we haven’t been on here to post for a while, there are a couple of posts of ours elsewhere that I thought I’d link up here while I get my thoughts in order:

Over at The Homeschool Village:

And at Heart of the Matter Online:
  • Can I Do it All?  My thoughts and goals as a payroll mom who is also a homeschooling mom.

More coming soon!  I’m back home again – have been for a while – but still trying to figure out the balance thing.  Thanks for your patience and your prayers for my family.


ShEiLa said...

I think its perfectly fine to take a bloggy-time out. Re-group, or collect ones thoughts. I have not been able to be online much in the last two weeks... and it's all good.