Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Four-year-old Esmé has been talking like a teenager lately.  We were discussing what a teenager is, and I said, “It’s a funny age.”

“You mean teenagers hold their heads sideways?  Upside down?  Do their ears look twisted?” she asked.

“Not that kind of funny,” I replied.

“Do teenagers not have a head?  Is their neck their head?”  she continued.

“Now you’ve got the idea…”


All the scripture songs pay off.

Miss Esmé had acquired a new headband in the first store we stopped at, but it was missing when we got home.

Thinking back, I distinctly remembered her having it on while going into the second store, but not when she came out.  So I figured it had been left behind and I wasn’t inspired to look for it.

Not so with Esmé.  She was tearing through drawers, looking with all her might, cranky that I wasn’t helping her.

“Look, and you will find!” she rebuked me.  “You have to help me look!  It’s in the Bible!”

I giggled as I left her room, hearing her muttering, “Knock, and it shall be opened!” as she slammed the dresser drawers shut.


As I’ve been saying, I do love her thoughts as she works through Christ’s death and resurrection in her mind.  “Why was Jesus killed?” I asked her on the drive home.

“Because they thought he was dangerous,” she replied.

“Dangerous? Why?” I asked.  “He wasn’t a criminal?”

“Because He broke their laws.  See, they had a law that He couldn’t heal.  But His law was different.  It was that He SHOULD heal,” she explained.

And so she’s learning that God’s ways are not man’s.  And that His laws are upside down from our own.  And so very much better.


Picnicking in winter style by the heater…

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JDaniel4's Mom said...

I so hope she found her headband.

Katie said...

Those are great stories! Your teenager discussion cracked me up.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

I adore that headband scripture incident - AWESOME :)

What a wise gal you are raising too. Love the conversations about God.

Happy TTT!