Monday, November 2, 2009

Thanks: Day 2

Let's start with a little Not Me! Monday: I did NOT pour a bottle of baby oil into the tub while I was taking my bath. Therefore, I did NOT slip and get a big gash in my chin and keep us all up late into the night by fighting constantly as we tried to figure out if a bandage would hold things together or if stitches were needed.

Moving on: here's what we did for Day 1 of 30 Days of Thanks!At the fire station, they gave me a HAT! And ICE CREAM! And a whole bag full of goodies like crayons and coloring books and stickers and fire hydrant erasers and magnets. I played shy or I could've gotten into the firetruck, but I did check around it while hanging on to George.

And I gave them some money, too. Mommy says it was for raffle tickets...

Here's the list of things I told Mommy I'm thankful for. (Then I had her tell me what she's thankful for while I wrote it down, but she can't read my notes for some reason.)
  1. Strawberry Shortcake
  2. Ice cream
  3. Hide & seek games
  4. Firetrucks & volunteer fire fighters
  5. Balls
  6. Pictures of the cat
  7. Superglue to fix my rhinoceros
  8. My piggy bank
  9. The Bible
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Brooke said...

i love the 30 days of thanks idea! :) i'll be gone on vacation for a big chunk of the month though :(

Kori said...

I love this idea, the 30 days of thanks...and hey, how is the baby's poor chin?

Lisa said...

That's a wonderful list of things to be thankful for. The trip to the fire station sounds like so much fun and it was so nice of you to take George with you. I hope the chin heals up soon!

Conny said...

I hope the chin is healing well ... and glad that a fun time was had at the fire dept! :) Those big trucks are SO fascinating :) :) Thanks for sharing your thankfulness ... I think it's cute that you're writing from your precious child's perspective. :)

ShEiLa said...


No fun getting a gash on your chin. I think its always fun to visit a fire station and buy raffle tickets... esp. if you win.