Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Thanks: Day 3

Yesterday my 30 Days of Thanks calendar had a BOOK picture under the flap. Sure enough, I got three new books!

Mommy says we need to start reading about Thanksgiving so I know the story behind it, so the first book we read was Arthur's Thanksgiving by Marc Brown. Mommy thought it might be a little old for me, but I didn't mind sitting through it and kept going back to the book in the afternoon to check out the pictures of EVERYBODY dressed as turkeys!

The other two books are VERY BEAUTIFUL books, but I'll get a chance to tell you about those in a couple of weeks when I get to share some extra copies with you! They were God is With Me Through the Day and God is With Me Through the Night by Julie Cantrell.

Then we went on a pine cone hunt - Mommy says we are going to make some decorations with pine cones. We walked up the hill behind our house, and saw lots of pine cones . . . but they were mostly in trees where we couldn't get to them!
We did find lots of other beautiful things - come with me and I'll show you! Check out this reed I found in my own yard!

And these rosehips! Who knew roses could be so pretty even without flowers?

The grapes in our yard. Mommy would really like you to come and take some. We've got a huge bucket in our house we've gotta do something with, 8 jars of juice on the shelves, and about a zillion jars more to go if we want to use up the grapes!

Three goats in our neighbor's yard. I wanted to pet them, but Mommy wouldn't let me. Talk about The Three Billy Goats Gruff coming to life! Did I tell you I LOVE that book?! We didn't see any trolls, though. Maybe cuz we didn't find any bridges.

Here's the list of things I told Mommy I'm thankful for. (Once again, I wrote down her list, but she's not able to read yet.)
  1. Bandaids (to hold my chin together, but I DON'T like the BIG ones!)
  2. Books
  3. Carrots (to chew and spit out)
  4. Scissors (to cut up important papers)
  5. Billy goats
  6. Oh - and thanks for all the sympathy about my chin!
Mommy's Note: If you're interested in playing along with 30 Days of Thanks, check out other bloggers who are doing this:
Or register at 30 Days of Gratitude.org for gratitude ideas.


Kori said...

Those grapes look so good; if I lived closer, I would happily come take some off your hands. We adore grape juice, but it is WAY too expensive in the store so it would be great to be able to can some.

You have a lot to be thankful for, and I am so glad your mommy is teaching you all about being grateful.

Prasti said...

wow...i didn't know you can can grapes. we used to have grapes in our yard when we lived in the PNW, but we didn't know what to do w/ them. they were too tart to eat...

and i'm w/ you on the carrots...

momof3munchkins said...

If we lived closer I would love to take some grapes off your hands! I went on a canning spree this summer and canned (or froze) just about everything but grapes!
If you ever need goats or other animals to pet, you are welcome to come visit our farm!
Hope your chin feels better quickly!

ShEiLa said...

The ribbon around the books is gorgeous. I bet it is fun having new books come to you to read.
All the book reviews are nice even though I have not been able to read them all. I should be back to my normal schedule soon.