Saturday, April 16, 2011

Four Years Old…


My dearest oh-so-big Esmé,

Is it at all possible you are four already?  I looked back at your one-year birthday letter and realize that you are very much the same, and yet so very much more grown up!

Happy Girl.  It amazes me how quickly you bounce to happiness regardless of the circumstances.  I’ve come to learn that when you cry, it is usually a play to control the situation, not because you are truly sad.  Sometimes I get frustrated trying to get you to take my discipline seriously, but you remain little Miss happy chatterbox, oblivious to my corrections.  You are very blessed, it seems, with the ability to see the positive and expect the best.

Friendly Girl.  You continue to be generous with hugs.  You’re full of empathy for the hurting.  You’re happy playing in your own realm – not one to follow the crowd – but you’re thrilled when others join you in your realm.  And you have no problem going up to strangers and chatting about how much you like their shoes, or their dress, or whatever grabs your fancy.  You’ve got a competitive streak and a need for control that pop out once in a while, but you’re quick to resume friendships if there are breakages.

Inquisitive Girl.  You love learning all about your world.  I so enjoy teaching you, reading to you, watching your mind grow and develop as you put fact together in unique ways to come to your own conclusions.  The best (though sometimes frustrating) part is you’re not learning for anyone else – to make others (or me) happy – but for your own understanding and enjoyment.  You’re learning exponentially, and sometimes I scramble to keep up, let alone stay a step ahead…

Confident Girl.  You’re not so brave with the stunts as you were at 1, which calms my heart a little.  Though you did recently climb super high on the rope tower at the park – quite impressive!  And you are incredibly confident in your knowledge and your opinion of the world.  You’ll argue vehemently and wholeheartedly on any topic, though you’re happy to argue just as wholeheartedly on the opposite side if you’ve been convinced to change your mind.

Beautiful Girl.  Those long eyelashes and radiant smile continue to charm me.

Happy birthday, sweet Esmé. May you continue to increase in wisdom, in stature, and in favor with God and man.

Love always,

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Rachel said...

She's so beautiful!! Happy 4th!!

Jessica Heights said...

Happy birthday to her!