Monday, April 11, 2011

Art Centers?

Why should kids do art?  What do they learn?  Is it important to mix it up and vary the materials and objects used?

Do you have a designated art center?  Or does kiddy art pretty much take over your whole house, like it does ours?

Do you leave the scissors out?  Has your child cut his or her own hair yet?

Have you mastered the whole “it’s about the process, not the product” concept, or do you have reservations about it?

We’re talking preschool art centers over at The Homeschool Village today. I didn’t get as much as I’d like to have packed into the post – that word count thing, ya know?  But a comment on the post already has me rethinking, and I’d love to hear your feedback, as well.

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ShEiLa said...

The last time my grand-girls were here we had some artsy-crafty going on... it can get messy. (especially with the crayon eater aka Madison)But I think doing projects with kids is lots of fun.

I have no where near the experience with art and organization like you do.