Thursday, April 3, 2008

Birthday Letter

My Dearest Esmé,

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since you splashed into our world! It was two agonizingly long weeks after we expected you to arrive, but though you may have been slow off the mark, you lost no time in catching up and exceeding all our expectations. You continue to amaze us every day!

It’s been a year to savor. We’ve been applauding each new milestone and accomplishment, but I’ve been secretly wishing time would slow down so I could enjoy each moment longer.

Happy Girl. When your first smiles popped out at 6 days old, even I was skeptical. All the books said it must be gas, since babies don’t smile until at least 6 weeks . . . But it quickly became evident that you were a smiler from the start, interacting and brightening the lives of everyone around you. You learned very early that when you smile at the world, the world smiles back. Even when you were suffering at your worst with allergies, it didn’t take much to get that smile to come out.

Friendly Girl. Never shy, you're usually the first to reach out, the first to smile, the first to be a friend. I love watching you engage those around you, both babies and adults, as you try to find out more about them. You pass them your toys and your food, excited to see their reaction, then quickly take it all back. We shall have to work on that!

Inquisitive Girl. You are constantly trying to figure out how things work. It’s not enough to stand on the skateboard – you want to watch the wheels move and figure out what the screws are for. Instead of smiling for the camera, you reach for it to check out the parts and see what it does. At times your inquisitiveness seems to conflict with our desire to keep you safe, but don’t let us squelch your desire to learn.

Confident Girl. You traveled halfway around the world to Mozambique at 6 weeks old without a fuss. You love doing new stunts with your Daddy, trusting him completely. At three months, you were standing upright on his hands. At nine months you were standing on the skateboard by yourself as it moved. He introduced you to the water, and you bravely took on the surfboard and boogie board with no worries. When you fall, you get back up – no cries or fussing.

Beautiful Girl. I remember staring at you in the hospital and thinking you had such incredible, long, dark eyelashes. They are still beautiful, framing your big baby blue-gray eyes. You have a perfect little nose and mouth, perfect little ears, perfect fingers and toes. And when your brilliant smile comes on, all those perfect parts meld into the most beautiful girl in the world.

Happy birthday, Esmé. May you continue to increase in wisdom, in stature, and in favor with God and man.

I love you, my little sunshine girl.

Your Mommy


Annie said...

A beautiful letter for a beautiful girl!

Thank you for your comment on me taking a blogging break :)

I love looking at these photographs - the landscape is so reminiscent of many in my Mother's house, of me at your daughter's age in Zambia.