Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Homemaking: Apple Washing

This week we decided to go for a simple homemaking lesson:  washing apples and placing them in a bowl.

We started with a bag of apples, a bowl of water and a rag for washing, a towel for drying and shining, and a glass bowl to place the clean apples in.
P1020207 (2)

Of course, Esmé decided to add her own twist by creating a nice, cozy bed for her baby apples in the glass bowl using the drying towel…
P1020211 (2)

Happy, cozy, sweet apples, just waiting for the crunch.
P1020213 (2)

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ShEiLa said...

Leave it to little girls to provide comfort even at their young age... giving new meaning to the term comfort foods.


Anonymous said...

You need to come teach this pre-k teacher a few things! Of course I have 25 little munchkins but you always have such neat ideas! :)