Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Review: Winter Fest

When I downloaded the Winter Fest game by Inglés 360°, I was a little surprised at how much there was to print for teaching such a simple concept as the colors white, black, and gray.

As I put together the material into a file folder game, my reservations fled.  This is such a cute product!

Here’s how it came together:  First I taped a page of cardstock into the middle of my folder so I would have four “pages” inside for four mats.  I glued graphics and a pocket for instructions on the front, and then two pockets for circle cards on the back.  One pocket had color/picture cards, while the other had English and Spanish word cards.


We played this a few ways:  1) matching cards with their identical spot on the mats; 2) matching picture cards on the color mat or the word mat, etc.; and 3) a standard memory game – placing the cards face down and then matching color/picture/words. 


In addition to this, there were two cut-and-paste worksheets covering the same concepts.

What I Liked:  The penguin graphic is adorable!  We will definitely be bringing the game back out when we study Antarctica later this year.

I enjoyed all the different variations covering the simple color topic.  The game options as we played them were progressively more difficult – a nice way to ease into things like Spanish words.

What I Didn’t Like:  I would have liked all of the words to be consistent with the English word mat – where “black” was in a black font, “grey” in a gray font, and “white” in an outlined font.  As it was – all the word cards and the Spanish mat were in black font only.

This next isn’t a dislike, just an FYI:  the spelling of “grey” may be an issue for some Americans.  Personally, I appreciate the international flavor!

Rating:  Overall, I’ll give this a  4 out of 5. 

Thanks to Heart of the Matter for coordinating the review file of this product.  You can currently acquire the printable file game through CurrClick for FREE!


Jodi said...

This looks like so much fun! Thanks for stopping by The Homeschool Desk to comment, please come back soon!

Michelle Smith said...

I love this lapbook set. Great photos!

Cheryl said...

So cute! That looks like fun!