Thursday, November 18, 2010

Jack-o-Lanterns and Ringo

This week’s question at The Homeschool Village is actually an interview question for your kids.  Here’s how our interview went.

Mom:  What do you like most about Thanksgiving?

Esmé:  Jack-o-lanterns!

Yep, we just carved our first jack-o-lantern today.  Esmé drew the lines of the face, and I cut on the lines.  Then they competed in a beauty contest against each other.

And some of you are putting Christmas lights out already.  Huh.

No apologies, folks.  I’m starting to feel comfortable with this schedule-challenged aspect of myself in my old age.  I may even appreciate it someday.

In other news…

Esmé pointed at a photo of Ringo Starr in the newspaper today.  “That’s going to be the daddy of my babies when I grow up!”  Yup.  Alrighty, then…


ShEiLa said...

delightful post!

I am glad you are not rushing ahead to Christmas... and still celebrating Hallow-ember!


Retiredandcrazy said...

I like your style ezme. Tell your mummy that if you can have Ringo's babies then the chances of me marrying Neil Diamond have just increased.

melanie said...

LOVE IT!! Love the jackolantern and I am TOTALLY giggling about Ringo!